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Much Ado About Summer

I’m always shocked at how quickly time flies. While I’m looking forward to the weather steadily warming up (as opposed to the hot and cold situation that's been going on even though it's close to Summer), I feel anxious. Sometimes, I wish time would just slow down while I accomplish what I need to do. Between trying to find a pharmacy internship, my solo Savvy Chic work, commuting, auditions, and photoshoots, Taye’s hectic schedule, and knowing that I’m not even halfway close to finish line, some days I want to just stand in the middle of a 4-way stop and scream.

It’s like that episode in Downtown Abbey #4.9 (via IMDb):

Lady Mary Crawley: [Referring to an unwelcome guest] We can’t make a scene.

Lady Edith Crawley: I sometimes feel we should make more scenes about things that really matter to us.

Anthony Gillingham: It wouldn’t be very English.

Lady Edith Crawley: No, but I envy it… all those Latins screaming, and shouting, and hurling themselves into graves. I bet they feel much better afterwards.

Lady Mary Crawley: I wonder. I think once you’ve let it out, it must be hard to get it back in.

I feel you Edith. But aren’t many of us, myself included, more like Mary? Contained. That’s one of the things I love about acting – I can say and do things that I wouldn’t normally give in to otherwise and then let it go. But even as I type this, I feel guilty that there are things I even want to scream about. I’m alive and healthy, isn’t that enough?

It is…but it isn’t. We earthlings have a finite amount of time and I want to do something really special with mine. Life’s unpredictability drives me to want to accomplish my goals sooner rather than later. I’ve told myself that I won’t always feel this pressure. I will slow down and enjoy what I’ve worked hard for when that time comes. This is what I believe but I’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, here's what I'll be working on next:

My Summer ‘14 To-Do List

  1. Start pharmacy internship

  2. Create a Weight Loss plan for subscribers complete with grocery list, calorie counted Savvy Chic meals, workout options, and journal

  3. Develop a Kickstarter project to fund new video series

  4. Connect with other like minds in my social community and either (or preferably both) ask them to guest post on my site or do a post for theirs. Aim: ≥1 guest post.

  5. Find ≥ 3 sites to comment on regularly. Try for weekly and look for 1 health/fitness/wellness, 1 culinary, and 1 media/entertainment group.

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