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A native of Antigua, Ruby expressed an early love for cooking at age 8. She started with Caribbean cuisine and learning from her mother who is a great cook. Growing up, Ruby remembered 

watching a French cooking show. Even though she didn’t understand a word of what they were saying, her interest in French food was sparked. An experimenter in the kitchen, Ruby started teaching herself French techniques, constantly trying new things, refusing to be intimidated by the words she couldn’t pronounce.


Following that, Ruby had a special interest in nutraceuticals and functional foods. Throughout college, she kept up her love for cooking, hosting dinner parties and catering for private events. Immediately after graduating from the University of Waterloo, she attended the Liaison College of Culinary Arts where she graduated with honors and received their Presidential Award.

With degrees and diplomas in tow, Ruby began figuring out how to be part pharmacist/part chef. Life intervened and she relocated to Washington state. During the move, inspiration hit. She had an idea that encompassed everything she loved and knew. The idea for Savvy Chic Cuisine was born!

Ruby currently lives with her family in Redmond, Washington.


Dalhousie University

Degrees in Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry 

University of Waterloo

Degree in Pharmacy


Liaison College of Culinary Arts

Completed with honors. Received Presidential Award.

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