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We Are All Made To Grow

I’m listening to Enya’s, Paint the Sky with Stars – a old album that still has the power to put me in a trance. I find Enya’s music very complex, maybe like the woman herself, who remains enigmatic even after decades of being a household name.

It’s YouTube, so every now and then a commercial comes on. Usually I skip over them but this time, the V/O artist’s voice catches me – very much like Morgan Freeman does in…pretty much everything?

Anyway, I’m enjoying listening, when the artist says “Good timber does not grow with ease: The stronger wind, the stronger trees”. Beautiful! So I search for the lines and find that the rest of the poem, written by Douglas Malloch, is just as touching. I think even trees would shed a tear for this. And as the video’s parting words reminds us: “We are all made to grow.”

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