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First Shoot

I’ve taken the brave leap into the world of entertainment. On Tuesday I traveled to the Vancouver area to shoot what will be my 1st on-camera performance! It’s not a Savvy Chic Cuisine production but it’s def a step in the right direction. I can’t reveal the show or my part as yet but the show will air on one of Discover Network’s channels probably this Fall. I had my read-through with the rest of the cast on Tuesday then my call time was 7:30 am on Wednesday. First was hair and make-up, which I loved, of course. Following that was the majority of my lines and after that was 10 hours of filming that shouldn’t have been exhausting but was! I have such a different view of acting and other things TV since I started – it’s unbelievable. I can’t even look at a simple commercial without analyzing it to pieces anymore.

The unnerving part of everything is that the final product is not in my hands. I have NO idea how I will look or sound and I’m super nervous. It was a good first role for me though more physically involved than I realized. The rest of my cast and the crew were wonderful and at the end of the shoot I felt sad to see them go. At 8 pm I filled up my car with gas and loaded in audiobook 3 of Eat, Pray, Love, which I’m enjoying soo much better than the movie – no offense to Julia Roberts who I think is a great actor (right now Elizabeth/Julia is in Rome resisting the urge to lay her head on the old man cursing in the most eloquent-to-her-ears Italian at the soccer game).

I got home at 10:32 pm, washed the day away, and fell into a happily dreamless sleep. Today I keep checking my phone hoping that my agent will send another great opportunity my way soon. The whole thing was such an experience and hopefully the 1st of many!

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