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16 Steps

I’ve done several videos by now and yet they still remain a full out production. I never thought to write out the process till now but what the heck? Maybe someone can tell me how to cut out a few things:

  1. Idea is born

  2. Write out script for idea

  3. Learn script – but not so much that it sounds rehearsed

  4. Buy ingredients, items, and whatever other fabulous props I’ve declared I must have

  5. Set up studio/guest room/shared space with oversized teddy bears

  6. Hair and make-up

  7. Do several test “Hi’s!” - do I really sound like that?

  8. Shoot clips

  9. …Shoot clips

  10. … …Shoot clips

  11. Mentally massage brain & chase away “If only I had a team..” thoughts

  12. Edit video — may range from 1 hour to 12 (yes 12)

  13. Get feedback if available

  14. Incorporate feedback if not highly irritated by then

  15. POST and tell myself that I will NOT do post-editing editing using YouTube’s settings because enough is enough!

  16. Repeat after sufficient time has passed and I’ve made light of the process

I have so much admiration for people who do great home videos on a regular. Complete sincerity. It’s such a time-labouring process that I’ve only had a taste of.

A friend of mine once told me that it takes 21 days (or the equivalent time) for something to become a habit. I’m not there yet but by all things sacred, please let it be true!

Now back to editing….

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