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The "V" Word

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Vegetables are always trendy. It’s just that people are not always chic enough to keep up. Personally, I love veggies and it’s doesn’t hurt that they keep the skin glowing and the eyes sparkling. Today, I felt particularly connected to these healthy foods and decided to show them off.

To bring out their natural flavors and to avoid leeching the nutrients, I shied away from boiling. Instead, I roasted the onions and garlic which made the onions sweeter and the garlic smoother on the palate. I steamed the beans and tossed them in a sherry vinegar and fleur de sel to freshen up the taste. The carrots were first sauteed in a little grapeseed oil. Then I added an 1/8-cup of water and steamed them till they were just softened. Finally, I made a lemon goat cheese foam to give the dish a modern touch.

The result: a sweet, salty, tangy plate of delicious goodness. Perfect on their own, but add a small portion of poultry or red meat if you’re looking to have a more filling meal. Trust me, you’ll never look at the 'V' word the same again — vegetables, that is.

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