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Psyllium Does The Body Good

Why do we push back on things we know are good for us? Well-meaning suggestions like “stop using refined sugars” and “Netflix binging is bad for you” can sound like an annoying hum that we want to tune out. Its probably because moving out of our comfort zone is hard. Well, that and refined sugar desserts are so delicious they really should be banned.

For years I knew that psyllium fiber would improve my IBS symptoms but I could not bring myself to using it. Like wrinkle cream, I put fiber in the category of something I'd use in another 10 years. So I thought. Except the treatment options for IBS are limited, costly and not always effective. So fine, I'll use the damn fiber. But I won't like it.


The thing I love even more about psyllium is that you don’t have to use it for any particular reason. It’s just, good health.

A tablespoon (3.4 grams powder) used daily will help keep your digestive system cruising along thereby decrease bloating – who doesn’t want that? But clinical evidence shows psyllium also moderately decreases blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Tip? Have it with a large glass of water first thing in the morning and you’re off to a great start. You’re getting a jump start on hydration and waking up your system in a caffeine-free way. Sweet bonus: a 1.5-lb tub of powder is usually less than $20 and can last you months.

There's more than one way to get psyllium in your diet. Psyllium can be bought in several forms like husks, capsules, and powder. The powder is great to use in cooking. It thickens soups nicely and can be used in baking. Just think of where a thickening agent is needed.

Remember to mix the tablespoon in at least 8 ounces of water. That way there’s adequate fluid for the fiber to swell and prevents blockage issues in the gut. Also, separate psyllium from medication by 2 - 4 hours so there are no absorption delays. Last, psyllium on average takes 12 - 72 hours to be effective. Think of it like, drinking it today will help me have better tomorrows.

Psyllium won’t give you washboard abs. But give it a chance and see if it still doesn’t make you feel better in tight jeans!

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