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Intuitive Eating For The Holidays

With the holidays upon us, thoughts of delicious sides and pie (so much pie) can fill our minds.

Maybe you are looking towards the feasts with excitement. It is totally normal to splurge now and then.

For others, celebration eats are a challenge. They are approached with fear and followed by guilt, because getting back to a healthy eating plan is a struggle.

Have you heard about intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is all about creating a trusting, healthy relationship between you and food. Physical, mental, and emotional aspects of hunger are honored and kept in balance.

Three ways you can eat intuitively this holiday:

  1. Eat mindfully. This is a natural way to portion control since you are tuned into cues when you are satisfied. Chew slowly and thoroughly, savoring each bite.

  2. Don't fight the thought that you would like something like stuffing. Instead have some stuffing and also enjoy it with healthy protein and tasty veggies. You will satisfy your craving, while providing your body with nutrients like fiber that keep you full.

  3. Move your body gently after eating. Take a walk if that is a safe option. Dance like no one is watching. Or even break out fun holiday games...maybe not twister though!

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