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How Do You Beautify?

In preparation for my audition tomorrow, I’ve been on a detox. I started juice fasting around 10 years ago when I was back in Halifax. It began as a 2-day fast at the beginning of every month and I kept that up pretty well until I had Taylor in 2006. After that, I took a year off and when I tried to restart it didn’t go well, ha! By Day 2, my brain would be foggy and I was a miserable mess.

After a few months I cut it down to a 1-day juice fast, which went much much better. I also doled back to fasting every other month until last year when I went back to fasting once-a-month. When there’s a special occasion, like for tomorrow’s audition, I opt for the 2-day fast.

I usually do the 24- or 48-Hollywood diet — and this is in no way an endorsement.

I was walking by a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy when I first saw the Hollywood diet and I got the idea to start fasting. After that, I just stuck with it. I have concocted my own juice though, which is what I’m doing this time around. It’s a mix of apples, berries, cantaloupe, celery, cherries, carrots, cucumber, celery, ginger, pears, peaches, and oranges. I drink at least 2 liters of water and countless cups of tea sans sugar or dairy. I also keep a bottle of Tylenol handy (just kidding – kinda).

Day 2

On Day 2 and I feel pretty great. My skin looks a little brighter (in the right light) and I feel squeaky clean. As a reward and a treat to myself - and to help me get through the 2nd day- I’ll be doing a little pampering. I’m doing a home body scrub and facial steam then taking myself out to do a mani/pedi. I could be doing many other things — my Fall To-Do list isn’t complete. There’s Taye’s shopping to do and social media updates. But honestly, I’m in charge of finding “Me Time” and today’s the day!

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