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Food Fun: Afternoon Cooking

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Pork and Scallops

Today, I put aside the afternoon to satisfy my craving to be in the kitchen. I made three dishes, all in Savvy Chic style, keeping the flavors full and the calories light.

First off, I made a lamb dish. I used lamb sirloin, which is one of the leaner cuts of lamb. Instead of mint, I opted for lemon thyme (and I don't mean lemon and thyme. Lemon thyme is a variety of thyme with a very fragrant scent). I added the thyme to Greek yogurt which is strained in cheesecloth to remove excess moisture. Greek yogurt is really high in protein and the low-fat version is very guiltless condiment. I finished the dish with blackberry sauce and a slice of avocado.

Lamb and Blackberry Sauce with a slice of avocado

I then had fun with pork and scallops. I browned the pork on the stove top, rubbed with a mixture of coffee, spices, and a little brown sugar, then roasted itin the oven. Pork tenderloin is also a very lean cut of meat and takes well to rubs. I reserved the pan jus to serve with the dish. I seared a scallop and sliced it in half so I could display both deliciously browned halves. I cut the turnip in wedges and boiled it in orange juice and cloves which gave it a beautiful orange hue. Finally, I added an uber-modern touch and made an apple film, which I used as a garnish.

Modern Cheesecake

For dessert, I deconstructed cheesecake and made a much healthier, but very delicious dessert. I made fruit soup from raspberry and cantaloupe - a very nice combo if you haven't tried it before. I made the cheesecake with light mascarpone, milk, and lemon, and sugar and firmed up the mixture with gelatin so it could be sliced. For the "graham crust," I made crumbs using graham crackers, basil, and olive oil (instead of butter) and toasted the mixture to concentrate the flavors. I served the soup chilled and warmed the cheesecake to room temperature - the result: a perfect summer dessert!

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